Danger Inc.

by Danger Inc.

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released January 24, 2014

Recorded at The Brethren Studios
Engineered / Mixed by Jeff Ravsten

Special thanks to Jeff Ravsten, David & Emily Alarcon, Mac, Adam Ali, David Bankston, Jacob Levy, Kyle Cohen, Freddie Dilworth, Brittany Hartin, Tommy Barkley, Jeff Mercer, Chris "Oldboy" Lynch, Kitcat Sparkles, Ish Fauxtography, the old Thursday night Friar Tucks crew, Undercover Monsters, Indignant Swine, The Maxies, all of our friends and family who have shown us support, and of course, you.



all rights reserved


Danger Inc. Anaheim, California

Danger is our first name.

Jessica - guitar/vox
Danny - bass
Dave - drums


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Track Name: Lights Out
I always try to tell you honey take my advice
Don't let them try and change you honey it's your life
They all say that absence makes the heart grown fond
But that don't mean you gotta love her just 'cause she's gone

Lights out but somebody's home
You made a mistake
You're too proud to beg but not too proud to be alone
You made a mistake
Lights out but somebody's home
You made a mistake
You're too proud to beg but not too proud to be alone
You made a mistake

This ain't a house honey it's a home
If you've got something good you gotta hold on strong
'Cause they'll take what you've got and give you nothing for free
And once there's nothing left don't you come back crying to me

And when you're sitting in your room
Who do you think's gonna be thinking of you
They would have taken you for all you're worth
But you had a home and it was good
Track Name: 3-2-1 Explode!
Tick tick tick tock

I've got a job and I hate its guts
And I don't think I like you much
And I don't know what else to do
I don't think I'm in love with you
I've got a secret I wanna tell
Everybody to go to hell
Kick me curse me like you do
Beat me beat me black and blue

1 2 3 I'm a loaded gun
4 5 6 You better run
7 8 9 I'm ready to blow
3 2 1 Explode
Track Name: Hamlet
A dark and empty doorway
I crept into the foyer
Not a sound, not a whisper
Not a candle did flicker
These walls have stories to tell

Beyond the dying fire
You slept while none the wiser
All your sins, all your evils
Will be judged by the devil
But first I must send you to hell

The blood immures your chamber
Fruition of my anger
Now you've paid, can't be undone
Your comeuppance was fun
As I smile and whisper farewell
Track Name: Salt
There's something stirring in the shadow
Moving 'round the corner of your eye
Carefully creeping
Silently stalking
It's coming for you
So for the love of God
Don't look behind you

You better run

Some say its the Devil
Come to steal your soul
But I say it's all those deeds that you hide
Coming around to eat you alive
So for the love of God
Don't look behind you

It sees you tremble
It sees you shake
Knows every bad decision you've made
From the deal in Paris
To the streets of red
And all those women sleeping in your bed
So for the love of God
Don't look behind you

But if you don't stop running
They'll never know
Track Name: Bluesapalooza
When we first met
I took you in
I built you up when you fell again and again and again
I tried to show you
How to love
Exposed my heart so you could
Rip it apart

You might have mistaken me for some kind of fool
But guess what
The joke's on you
I've got your number and I've got the time
So you can leave here willingly
Or I'll drag you out by the back of your fucking throat

You played it cool
And soft and sweet
Expecting everything to end up at your feet
When that didn't happen
Things got bad
You said some things and I swear
I've never been so mad

I know you tried
To do your best
To ruin my life and all the rest
When the sun comes up
And you go to sleep
No matter who's on top
You'll always be underneath
Track Name: Silk Purse
I close my eyes and lay to waste
In the bed that I have made
On webs and wires and broken glass
And feelings long mislaid
I tried once to please you
I tried twice to be sure
But if we can't fit the equation
I'll be walking out your door

I tried to give you all my love
My time and my sympathy
But the more I gave the more you took
And the less there was of me
When I'm there you don't care
But you miss me when I'm gone
And the only time you love me
Is when I'm walking out your door

You only love me when I'm leaving

But I'm gone
Track Name: Birthday
Birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday
Happy happy birthday

Happy birthday to you
Track Name: Sticks and Stones
Bind my hands and make me bleed
Tell me I deserve everything
Break the glass and cut me deep
Make me believe I'm still living

Break my body and curse my name
Make me feel every ounce of shame
Break the rules and twist the knife
Tell me all the things I've done

Cut out my tongue
Cut out my tongue
Cut out my tongue
I don't want to speak

Skewed perception, contraception
Need attention, sexual tension
No exception, no direction
No exception, no direction

Here at last I've earned my place
In the mirror a woman's face
With sunken eyes and a hollow stare
Only pieces of the girl that was there